Notes:   Notes: Make sure to bend the knees more than you might feel is needed for this exercise. A very common flaw in how people jump is they are not bending their knees enough. One can achieve improvement in one’s vertical by getting greater utility of the most powerful muscles in the body…the leg muscles.

Deep Water Block Jumps

3 sets of 15 reps

Exercise Description: Stand in shoulder deep water and crouch down. Explosively jump upwards and land with both legs.

Benefits to Jumping Higher: This is a game like jump exercise in a foreign training environment. This can help athletes find their most efficient positioning of jump movement naturally. The more one is streamlined in the water, the less resistance. Streamlining in water means keeping one’s spine more aligned and movements more economical, all of which benefit jumping higher on land. In addition, the shoulder deep water is exceptional for keeping an athlete in low impact conditions while adding more resistance.