Notes: This is a warmup exercise.  Depth  jumps send an electrical pulse from where the feet contact the ground through the central nervous system to the brain.  Land in the posture you use just prior to jumping.  This posture has a unique central nervous system road or pathway that electrical impulses travel through  when one jumps.  Each time you land from a depth jump, a large electrical pulse travels  down this unique path, telling muscles to contract.  The more often this unique pathway through the central nervous system is used, the more efficient electricity travels through it.  Doing depth jumps turns your central nervous system’s unique pathway from a dirt road into a 6 lane highway.

(Warmup Exercise) Depth Jumps 2×10

Exercise Description:  Stand with both feet atop a plyo box, bench or chair.  Step out with one foot and hop off with the foot still on the box.  Land on the balls of both feet (like a cat).  Immediately upon landing, jump quickly into the air.

Benefits to Jumping Higher:  Repeatedly landing from a height above 12 inches provides a powerful activation of the muscles and central nervous system.  In addition to improving performance in subsequent activity, this exercise promotes more rapid and effective stimulation to achieve jump height improvement over time.  Immediately jumping after landing stimulates the muscles and central nervous system to operate within one’s explosive capacity with greater quickness over time.