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“I stand by my training programs.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with PlyoMaster, you will receive a complete refund, no questions asked.”

– Kurt Hausheer


Plateau?  What Plateau?

  • When you train in the water, your entire body experiences resistance in ways your muscles are completely unaccustomed to.  This is the ultimate muscle confusion – and it all but eliminates the training plateau.  When supplemented with with Highdro Pro, a standard jump training program will yield drastically greater results.

High Resistance

  • Because water provides so much resistance, it is a fantastic way to increase muscle strength in ways that are simply unachievable on land.  You might feel lighter in water, but your muscles are going to work in ways that rapidly increase their growth.

Low Impact

  • When you’re chest-deep in water, your body weighs approximately 10% of what it weighs on land.  As far as your joints are concerned, this is the perfect mending environment.  Not only do your joints heal more quickly when you train in water, they actually thicken and strengthen to help prevent future injuries too.

Rapid Healing

  • The low impact/high resistance combination that water provides is the perfect rehabilitation medium.  Indeed, hydro therapies have been used by doctors for centuries.  With Highdro Pro, you can target, mend, and strengthen your most used and most likely to be injured joints.  Highdro Pro is extremely effective at reducing the late-season injuries that tend to plague teams and athletes alike.

Explosive to the Max

  • When it comes to explosive training – that critical piece of realizing your vertical potential – more resistance actually increases your explosiveness, despite the feeling of a “slower” movement.  Same quick-twitch muscle stimulation – greater resistance, faster growth.  When you train with Highdro Pro, you’ll be blown away by the power of your explosive movements.

Safe for Everyone

  • Training safety is a legitimate concern for any coach or trainer worth their salt – and parents of athletes need to know their up-and-coming all-star is being safe as they push to achieve.  Highdro Pro takes the guesswork out of it.  No weights.  No unsafe movements.  Just a great healthy workout that works incredibly well, and is virtually risk free.


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