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The Drive Step

  • Perfecting the Drive Step technique will maximize your jump height regardless of muscle strength

Quick Twitch Muscle Growth

  • Isolating quick twitch muscle fiber development is critical to increasing your explosive movements

CNS (Central Nervous System) Honing

  • Training the CNS and thickening your myelin sheaths enables your brain to send faster signals to your muscles, improving muscle response time

Increased Flexibility

  • Increased range of motion enables your muscles to benefit from added power while preloading

Proper Spine Alignment

  • Proper spine alignment contributes to maximizing your power while jumping and eliminates unnecessary “bleed-off” during activation, it is also critical to ensuring your safety while you train

Posterior / Anterior Balancing

  • Balancing your posterior and anterior muscle groups maximizes activation symmetry while jumping

Exercise/Sport Transference

  • Performing sport-specific exercises that can be transferred directly to the game maximizes your performance when it counts

Full Body Muscle Group Connection

  • Connecting your upper and lower body muscle groups with integrated fluid movement maximizes full-body jump effectiveness

Technique Refinement

  • Proper form is critical for fully realizing your vertical potential, and for ensuring your safety

Leg, Back, Chest, Arm and Shoulder Muscle Development

  • Training the correct muscles of all 5 jump-critical muscle groups ensures you are not bottlenecking yourself with untrained muscles required to maximize your vertical


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